Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy News: Intimacy Reduce Weight!

Customized Fat Loss Scam - Intimacy successful and systematic enjoy a lot of health benefits. Are contributing to relieve stress and depression, and to protect the couple from heart disease. Recently, it was revealed that it helps in burning calories, thereby reducing the weight. Brings together researchers that the process of weight loss is when we burn more calories than those that get them through the day.

This is done through exercise and intimacy. The latter burns about 500 calories in women and 600 in men, leading to a reduction in weight. It should be noted here that the direction intimate also help to burn about 20 calories. On the other hand, can intimacy that stimulate the chemicals and hormones in a woman's body that works to control appetite, mitigate, which reduces the amount of food you eat women.

Considered the relationship intimate one of the means which helps in relaxation and sleep, which also help in easing the proportion of the foods you eat every day women. We all know that lack of sleep and stress lead to eating more fatty foods with high calories.

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